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Echoes of Slavcon

Just sitting at work, watching Dollhouse and thinking about Slavcon, what I remember, how it was, och, so nostalgic. Well, short recap, first "opening" presentation "Speaking Doctor", Elen was great and despite technical difficulties, it went pretty well, and maybe my part of presentation too. Right afterward had Rico his premiere presentation about Starship troopers, nicely done. Then I became part of MassEffect presentation, I've totally forgotten about it, so I haven't got my part, music, well, I played something from my phone. And what about Lila's Bear, it was nice to see her and hear something about McCreary and listen to the music. After opening ceremony, we went to pizzeria and returned in the right time to see Elendilka's 100-slide Off Topic.
Saturday progam was great, Breakfast with SciFi-Guide, lots of Tricia with namuras, excercise with Rico, some food prepared by me with help of Cylon and Skalar, and Lila's short Ethnological Scifi. I'm sorry I haven't seen Kids and Scifi in practice and I've gone fore some tea and continuesd with preparation for Docotor, Warderobe and TARDIS, it took hours before we went to lunch and when we've got back, but luckily I somehow did it. And bright moment about lunch time, Fraek introduced me to her friend Valika, who I already met in Sweden (Summercamp), what a crazy random happenstance. OK, I'm not going to judge my own presentations, but for sure, my 8-question quiz was a bit difficult. After small show outside Hipapheralkus teased our brains with his Babylon 5 quiz and right after him Marsel with his SF&F themes quiz. And finally namuras with her British Series from 1938 to 2010, whitch was intercepted in the middle because of evening program on the yard, calling the winners of different contest, and then great performance fight of Vargar and fire/light show, so I haven't been on the last half hour of namuras's lecture. But I enjoyed it. And I could stay outside as long as I wanted, because my presentation about Big Bang Theory and SciFi was more than one hour later that it should be. The day ended with Skalar's SciFi discussion, well, we discussed and mostly ontopic.
Sunday morning, waking up with Manwe and his Hobbits, what to say, I like his discussions and everything offtopic he mentions. And then I moved to Scifi and I've been there till the end, first, Jakub's premiere of Dalekology, than Rees's Technomages (which was for me first time I've seen her presenting, so, premiere for me) afterward Hipapheralkus with his B5 merchandise and Rothen's Actors in BSG, another new scifi talent premiere wtih lots of almost-naked Tricia. SciFi finished with Skalar's Robot Chicken and SF in it, rough(stupid) humour, but fine. Sad thing about it was, that lot of scifi-guide people were leaving during this.
And now the conclusion: personal note: start preparing presentation sooner than on last minute. This SC was without StarTrek and StarGate, sqeee say we all! Many friends had presentations premiere, keep on. And sad thing is that next Slavcon maybe won't be :(