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Sunday Opera Extensions Tips

For those using Opera browser, I've got some tips about interesting Extensions.

Social networks:

Better Facebook - Complex solution for FB customisation, change theme, hide blocks, add tabs, remove ads, chat and many other options.
Klout - Displays Klout score in your Twitter timeline.
Google+ Injector - This extention fixes Google+, by adding missing CSS, HTML, JS code to G+.
Black Google Plus - If you like darker themes, this adds some blackness for your Google+.
DownloadSupport for Google+ - Download pictures and videos from the Google+ stream. You can download whole album (shared with you).
Facebook Notifications - Add a button which show the count of unread notifications.

For developers:

Block Yourself from Analytics - Block your Google Analytics activity for the websites you own, no more false stats.
Form details - Show or hide form details and hidden fields.
Layers - This extension generates a topographic view of any web page and visualizes how its different elements are layered on top of each other.
YSlow - YSlow analyzes web pages and suggests ways to improve their performance based on a set of rules for high performance web pages.


ExtendTube - ExtendTube adds few options to control YouTube videos, an option to download video and many more. It also removes ads from page and from video player.
Youtube Autoplay Killer - It pretty does what name says, lets you control autoplay function on Youtube.
YTCCD - Downloads YouTube closed captions.
Nyan Cat for Youtube - Automatically applies a Nyan Cat progress bar into the youtube HTML5 player.


Faviconize Google - Adds favicons to each link offered by Google search results.
Google Reader Notifier - Displays the number of unread items in your Google Reader account. Clicking opens your Reader account.
GMail Checker - Displays the number of unread messages in your Google Mail inbox.


Weather Forecast - are you lazy to look out of the window? This is solution for you. Shows forecast for 2 days and current conditions for chosen locations.
ImgTip - Shows image popup when hovering link that points to an image file or to image preview page. Some of supported websites: Wiki, FB, dA, Google images..
OperaAdBlock - The true ad blocking solution for Opera. You can choose which ad blocking lists you want to subscrbe to.
Popup statusbar - A popup statusbar – Chrome style.
Opera Internal Pages - Shows a dropdown menu with all Opera internal pages (e.g., about:blank, opera:config...).


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Show your Desktop, Show your Linux


Well, I am running few weeks Linux Mint, and it is great not to use Window$.

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Plány a prešvihnuté termíny

Opäť som zabudol, že mám blog, tak op§ť doplním recap.
Čo sa za posledných 5 mesiacov stalo? Mám prácu, som v Prahe, ubytovanie u Ryby radšej rozoberať nebudem, kto vie, vie a radšej by vedieť nechcel. Začal som pokračovať na diplomovke, kde som už prešvihol svoj osobný deadline, ktorý som mal do 16.2., že dovtedy zverejním svoje SW dielo v takmer final verzii. To mi moc nevyšlo, veľa času mi zabralo rozbehanie, nastavenie a mierne HW a SW úpravy nového PC "Scar", proste, je to frakkin' toaser.
Do budúcna, samozrejme dokončiť diplomovku, už mám len nejakých 60 dní, uff, pomaly sa to zas dostane na limit viac ako 1 strana na deň, wish me luck.

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LOMO jun-september 2010

Fotky z Krcmokonu, Bystrice a Zurichu Read more...Collapse )

Storage Emergency

Is this storage Emergency?

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Converting videos for your Android phone

Finally I've found easy way to convert videos for my HTC Dream/G1 phone. Just download and install Vuze (http://www.vuze.com/), it is torrent client, but with additional plugins it works, don't worry it's really easy. Star Vuze, connect your Anroid phone, click devices and Search for devices, HTC Android phone should appear in left menu, then just drag and drop video files you desire, it works maybe with all formats, but for now, I've tested FLV, DIVX and MKV, and it works perfectly. If you don't have Vuze Tanscoding plugin installed, it will ask you to, after first attempt to convert files. Just follow instructions. When it's done, you can convert whatever you want, after converting, Vuze will try to automatically copy new files to you phone (if it is connected). You can change folder where Vuze should copy files on your phone by right-clicking on your phone in menu (if you have´t changed name - HTC Android phone) and select "Set copy to folder" and choose desired folder. I you don't want Vuze to copy files automatically, turn this feature off. You can adjust other settings in Tools -> Settings -> Devices.
Well that´s it, after many hours of trying how to convert videos for my G1, I tried Mencoder, SUPER even some sw from T-Mobile, but it was to complicated :D Vuze is as simple as possible. This time I will live with that I can't change every possible converting option, this way it works, is easy, I'm happy.

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What you'll need is browser supporting user CSS for websites and DOM inspector (e.g. in Opera - Dragonfly). I'll show how to do it in Opera.

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